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Currently a one man show, Harsh Realities Studio was born of the idea that in life we sometimes meet with unexpected results from our most earnest efforts. Some have called this the Harsh Realities of Life, I would call it a lesson well learned in the School of Hard Knocks. The mission of HR Studios is simple. To present artwork with a underground attitude and based on principles laid out before me by Danny Sanders himself. To learn more about the mission, previous work and potential of Harsh Realities Studios contact or email for previous work example see our infamous greys anatomy campign that we launched for license holder of greys anatomy.

Artwork is available by commission in the form of basic black and white illustrations for most any project, digital color, paints of all media-with specialization in waters, graphics, murals, and much more. To learn more about the potential the HR Studios can offer you, see the portfolio and projects pages.

Harsh Realities Studios is located in Hillsboro, IN (just 8 miles west of Crawfordsville, IN, 25 miles east of Danville, IL, and about 45 miles south-south-west of Lafayette, IN). Scott can be contacted by email or phone (765) 618-0915.

Most local work is done in the Fountain and Montgomery county areas, and he also is doing a decent amount of freelance illustration throught the continental U.S. via the internet.

Please contact me with any questions or comments.